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Since 1952 Aeroflash Product Photos

Strobe Lights are important safety warning devices. Aeroflash Signal® has implemented the following policies and technologies to ensure your 100% satisfaction, and help you maximize the safety of your operations:

Quality Control

Every Aeroflash strobe light undergoes three quality control tests during manufacture. In addition, each unit is inspected and tested before it is shipped. Aeroflash Signal® has consistently earned the highest vendor rating, "Superior", from Cessna, one of the most respected companies in the world. Aeroflash will provide your organization with the same level of service.

Same Day Shipping

Orders for our stock products will be shipped within 24 hours; same day for orders received before 12:00 noon CST.

Bold in the Cold!

Aeroflash Signal® strobe lights feature an exclusive ANTI-NEON TECHNOLOGY that guarantees reliable performance in temperatures down to -30o F. No other brand of strobe light features this technology.

Heavy Duty Design and Construction

Aeroflash Strobe Lights are MADE IN THE USA and feature:

    • Aircraft quality flash tubes
    • Sealed lamp assemblies and power supplies to withstand extreme weather conditions
    • Power efficient, low amperage draw
    • Easy field servicing; modular parts are quickly and easily replaced.
    • Factory-direct warranties and technical support
Technical Support

Staff technicians available between 6:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. CST to answer all your wiring or trouble-shooting questions. Call toll-free, 1-800-322-2052 ext. 300.

Warranty & Remanufacture Policy

2-Year Warranty on Power Supplies, 1-Year Warranty on Flash Tubes.

Save money and reduce waste with our remanufacture policy:

    • Self-contained strobe lights and our single- or double-flash power supplies remanufactured for $37.50
    • Alternating single- and double-flash power supplies remanufactured for $45.

Remanufactured strobes include 1-year warranty. Flash tubes and lens extra. Add $10 handling for orders under $100.


What else distinguishes Aeroflash's products & services?

Read these testimonials...our customers say it best!

To purchase or for further information,
call toll-free in the USA: 1-800-322-2052 Ext. 300

or use our CONTACT US page. Custom and OEM Requests Welcome