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Hi-intensity Strobe Lights command attention
and reduce drive-throughs

Are some of your routes experiencing high numbers of drive-throughs in the load/unload zone? Many school districts have found that Aeroflash's Stop-Arm Strobe Retrofit Kit dramatically reduces the number of drive-through incidents. It could be the answer for the buses on your problem routes too.

Free 30-Day Trial

See for yourself in a free, 30-day trial. We'll give you free use of a number of strobe retrofit kits for 30 days. Install them and have your drivers keep track of the drive-throughs on both the strobe and non-strobe equipped buses. If you're not satisfied with the kits for any reason, just send them back. To arrange a free trial, call 1-800-322-2052, ext. 300.

Reliable Operation in Extreme Weather
Aeroflash's NEW ANTI-NEON FEATURE ensures brilliant flashes of light over a wide temperature range, from -30 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The Xenon flashtubes are potted in RTV Silicone for weather-proofing and super shock resistance. Other features include:

    • Polarity Protection
    • Shielded lamp cable retains flexibility in extreme cold (-76°F)
    • Hi-Low switch for reducing intensity in darkness.
    • 2-Year warranty on power supply, 1-Year warranty on flash tubes.

Simple to Install
Does not change mechanical operation of stop-arm. Xenon flashtubes retrofit into existing red lenses. Power Supply is remote mounted in Stop-Arm. Specifications: 12.8VDC, 2.5 amps, 72+/-10 Single or Double Alternating Flashes per Minute.

Strobe Light Retrofit Kit for Stop Arms Photo

Ordering Information
167-0027A Single Alternating Flash
167-0027B Double Alternating Flash
Replacement Parts
152-0029A Power Supply Single Flash
152-0030B Power Supply Double Flash
073-0520 Flashtube Assembly
073-0522 Hardware Packet

Wiring Caution Diagram

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To order, call toll-free 1-800-322-2052 Ext. 300 (6:00 AM to 2:30 PM Central Time).