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I want you all to know how much I appreciate you rebuilding the three 12-volt power supply units for us. We won't use any other units except Aeroflash because of the wonderful service that we have with these units.  They are the most dependable and service is trouble-free.

God Bless you all for what you have done for us. 


Ernie Toepfer Jr.



Thanks again for the Aeroflash Lighting System for my RV6A!!!

The following report details my experiences during the installation and utilization phase of the project:


Power Supplies:

Installation of the individual power supplies was a simple and direct process.  The cables to the lighting source are short, saving weight and reducing electro-magnetic interference to the strobe lights.   All that was necessary was to run a single power source to each power supply, controlled by a circuit breaker and switch.

Lighting Assemblies:

The lighting assemblies easily connected through supplied cables to the wings and tail section.  The connecting cable allowed for a very simple installation and the flexibility for later disassembly as necessary.  The cables are short thus reduce electrical intereference to and from other electronic components on the aircraft. 


The aircraft has 75 flight hours logged.  In this period all lights and power supplies are functioning as designed.  It has NOT been necessary to replace any light bulbs.  No electrical interference has been noted with the power supplies or with the lighting systems themselves.  As a note, the aircraft is equipped with the most advanced EFIS (Electronic Flight Insstrument System) available.  It does not use gyros, thus depends on electronics to indicate flight configuration.  Any electrical "noise" can cause serious problems with the flight control systems.  Aeroflash Lighting has NOT interefered EFIS or any other system.

The aircraft is primarily operated in day light hours.  The strobes are essential in daylight flights to make the aircraft as visible as possible.  In fact, the strobes are used on ALL daylight flights.  Their value is exponentially increased in smoke and haze.  The stronger the light source from the strobes the easier it is for other aircraft to see and avoid.  You would be surprised how hard it is to see other aircraft in daylight, especially in smoke and haze.

Night flights, the strobes are bright and make the aircraft very visible to other aircraft and control tower personnel.


If any reengineering plans are proposed in the future, it may be suggested that the intensity of the strobes be increased and the flash cycles changed to 4-5 flashes per cycle.  I only suggest this due to the daylight flight schedule.


The Aeroflash Strobes and Lighting System are easy to install and operate.  It lends itself very easily to installation on experimental aircraft.  Its ability to shield electro-magnetic "noise" is a very important part of the design.  With the newer "glass cockpits" and more and more electronics taking the place of older gyros and mechanical devices, the Aeroflash System fits this ever increasing need with distinction.   It has provided trouble-free operation and most importantly, makes the aircraft as visible to other pilots as possible.

I hope this is helpful in promoting an excellent product.  Thanks again!

John Moskal

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